7 Amazing Science Activities & Experiments At Home

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7 Amazing Science Activities & Experiments At Home

Whether you're a teacher looking for fun ways to engage your students, or a parent who wants to keep your kids entertained during the school holidays, there are plenty of amazing science activities and experiments that can be performed at home! In this blog post, we will suggest some fun and innovative ways that you can engage your children in science experiments and activities that will allow them to discover new things about the world around them. Many of these projects can be done with things already in your home so there's no need to go out and buy expensive equipment!

Magic Wand Experiment

This is one of the simplest science experiments you can do at home, and yet, it's a classic! Using a soldering iron and some wire, you can create a circuit that will light up when you touch a metal object to it. This is how the magic wand works!

The great thing about this experiment is that it's extremely easy to do and it gives you a good understanding of what's going on with the circuits. While not all electronics experiments lead to this in-depth understanding, it's certainly one that does!

Tinkertoy Experiments

Tinkertoy Experiments are a great way to understand how mechanical engineering works. Using simple parts like bearings, cogs, and ratchets, you can make complicated machines that will perform specific tasks. While it's easy enough to make simple machines using these parts, it's a different story when you want to create something more advanced!

If you're into constructing strange and beautiful structures, then this is an area for you to get into. There are plenty of tutorials out there that will show you how to make various gadgets and gizmos, which you can use for your kids' entertainment or as an educational tool. Some of the creations are incredibly complex, so there's definitely something for everyone!

Balloon Popper

Balloon Poppers are essentially a water balloon launcher with a built-in pistol! If you're looking for an educational element for your children, then this is an item that will keep them entertained for hours!

All you need for this project is a water balloon, a balloon pop mechanism, and some ammunition. The best part about this toy is that it's so easy for little ones to operate, even my three-year-old was able to help out by periodically pulling the trigger for me while I cooked dinner!


Catchpults are simply glorified slingshots that use a spring to propel a small object like a rubber ball or marble. A catapulter is essentially just a larger version of the regular catapult with the addition of a tumbler, which holds the object being thrown. So not only is this an excellent way to propel small objects like marbles and rubber balls, but it's also a learning tool for your children!

You can add some scientific credibility to this project by using ping pong balls or small rocks instead of marbles and rubber balls. The great thing about this type of project is that it doesn't need much space, just a flat, smooth surface like a floor or a table. This is why most homes have a kitchen floor or a dining table!

Laser Light Show

Laser Light Shows are really fun to put together, and they're a great way to show off your engineering skills to your children. All you need are some laser cutters, some wire, and a tiny bit of software to run the show. You can even go the extra mile and add an educational element by programming the show to beep and display the numbers 0-9 as letters, which your kids can learn to read and spell!

There are plenty of other science experiments that you can do at home with things that you already have in your house. What are your favourite ways to engage your children in science experiments?

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