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Har Bachcha Hai Rocket

A heart-tugging love story waiting to unfold. A tale of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl in the end. But this is no ordinary love story. What if I told you that it starts 20 years ago and continues to this very day? What if I told you that what begins as a bet between friends spirals out of control and lands you in trouble? What if I told you the whole thing started because of a dare? What if I told you that the girl he loves doesn't even know he exists and has been searching for him her whole life? Can you even begin to imagine the drama that ensues?

It's fair to say that Har Bachcha Hai Rocket is one of India's most unconventional love stories. Yet it is a love story that transcends time, space, and boundaries – a love story that will be cherished for many years to come. Let's explore, shall we?

A Story Of Friendship, Family, And Romance

The film opens up with a heartwarming scene of a small town in Pakistan. It is the kind of scene that will warm your heart and make you want to embrace the people in the film – particularly Bosco (Ranbir Kapoor). You see, it's been a long time since we witnessed such a heartwarming moment. This is because a while back the people of this small town were forced to flee for their lives. They were driven out of their homeland because of religious differences and settled in India. What you see before you is the result of a dare that was played out between Bosco and his friends 20 years ago. The boys challenged each other to a race that would see who could plant a kiss on the lips of the most beautiful girl in the town. Naturally, Bosco was quite taken with the challenge and assumed he would need some time to prepare. However, his friends challenged him to start the race as soon as possible, as they were all very eager to see who would be the first to plant the kiss.

The scene then cuts to the present day where Ranbir is seen standing with his back to the window, gazing at a photo album. He reaches out and touches his thumb to the photo of a woman with short hair. He smiles as he thinks of Aditi (Aamantee Saluja), the woman he loves, and the moment he first saw her. He then turns and smiles at the camera, as the song ‘Lover's Prayer' plays in the background. It's a touching tableau that perfectly encapsulates how Ranbir and Aditi's story began.

The film then flashes back to the early 1990s to show how Aditi first met Ranbir. At the time, Aditi was studying in a prestigious college in Lahore, while Ranbir was still at school in Mumbai. One night, during their second year of studies, a group of friends came up with a ‘friendly wager' that would see who could make the most romantic gesture towards a girl. They would then have to kiss that girl onscreen. Naturally, Aditi was chosen for the task and took on the challenge with gusto. She was determined to prove that she could be as romantic as any boy and win the bet. She had her eyes set on Ranbir, whom she considered to be the betrothed of her friend. She knew nothing about him except that he was supposedly the handsome son of a wealthy business tycoon. Needless to say, Aditi was a little bit in love with the idea of marrying a rich man even though she knew nothing about Ranbir's personal life. Of course, she was aware that he was a complete gentleman and would never do anything to hurt a woman's feelings.

The film then cuts back to the present day where Ranbir and Aditi are seen walking hand-in-hand down a dimly-lit street. They walk towards a restaurant where a fancy-dress party is in progress. Suddenly, a man emerges from a nearby doorway and lunges at Ranbir. The man pushes past Ranbir and attempts to kiss Aditi. However, she laughs and pushes the man away. When the man turns to hit her, Ranbir steps in to protect his girlfriend. The next thing you know, the man is lying on the ground, bleeding. Ranbir, Aditi, and their friends rush to the man's aid. Everyone is shouting and running around. When the commotion dies down, the man is gone and no one knows what happened. Aditi is visibly upset by the turn of events and demands to know what happened. Ranbir reassures her that everything is fine and they need to go to the party. However, Aditi still looks troubled and asks if she can talk to him privately. They walk towards an adjacent building where they can speak uninhibitedly. Once they are inside, Aditi begins to cry. She is still upset about what happened and wonders if she will ever feel safe on the streets again. Ranbir promises to look after her and assures her that everything will be all right. He then takes out his cell phone and calls his lawyer. He asks for an urgent meeting and hangs up. Before long, he is seen walking towards the restaurant with his head hung low. He seems to be carrying an enormous burden. It is here that we see the true strength of this young man. He has taken on the challenge of protecting the woman he loves and has not once complained about the burden he is carrying. He is also grateful for the opportunity to prove his loyalty to Aditi. He has no fear of repercussions or prosecution because he is doing what is right. It is an inspiring moment that perfectly encapsulates how a boy becomes a man.

Why Does Ranbir's Family Dislike Aditi?

While everything up to this point is highly romantic, the story takes a dark turn when we are told about Ranbir's family. They don't approve of his relationship with Aditi and have forbidden him from seeing her. Naturally, Ranbir is furious and refuses to obey. He runs away to Mumbai, determined to track down and confront his family. The film then cuts back to the present day where we see Ranbir walking down a dimly-lit street. He is carrying a sack. Suddenly, two men emerge from an adjacent doorway and begin to laugh. They try to grab the sack but Ranbir fights them off and keeps walking. The men who tried to grab the sack are brothers. They demand to know what Ranbir is carrying. He hands them the sack and they begin to question him about Aditi. They ask where he is staying and what he will do. Ranbir lies and says he is staying with a friend, but he will not give up Aditi. He then walks away. Before long, Ranbir is seen sitting alone in an interrogation room. He stares at his hands, seemingly lost in thought. Suddenly, the door opens and Ranbir's father (Anup Soni) walks in. He sits down across from Ranbir and the two men begin talking. After a few minutes, Ranbir's mother (Ayesha Alikhan) walks in. She sits down in the other chair and listens to her husband and son talk. The parents are worried about their son and want to know what he is doing. They also don't understand why he is keeping secrets from them and don't approve of the woman he is dating. The father is particularly upset about a letter he has recently received from an old friend who wants to meet with him. He feels the request is strange since his friend has no idea of their situation. He is angry at being forced to choose between his family and his friend. Ranbir assures his parents that he will not meet with his friend and does not intend to break up with Aditi. The father is reassured and the meeting ends amicably. The next day, Ranbir calls his parents to apologize. He assures them that he will not see his friend and that everything is all right. In the meantime, Aditi has found out about Ranbir's family's dislike for her. She feels hurt and confused and calls him to tell him that she still loves him. He tells her that his family does not like her, but that he does. He asks her to leave him alone and let him focus on his studies. She is hurt and the call ends abruptly. On the way home, Aditi stops by a flower shop and buys a dozen red roses. She is seen walking down a dimly-lit street. Suddenly, a car slows down and the window rolls down. A man calls out to Aditi and she turns to see who is speaking. It is Ranbir. He is standing behind the wheel and smiles as he waves at Aditi. As soon as she sees him, she runs to the car and climbs in. They wave goodbye to each other as he drives off.

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