10 Amazing TV Shows You Wish You Knew Earlier

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10 Amazing TV Shows You Wish You Knew Earlier

So you're a fan of TV shows, but you feel like there's always something you're missing out on because you haven't seen it yet. Maybe you've seen a few episodes here and there, but you feel like you need to be catching up on the whole series. But what if I tell you there's really no need to wait? What if I reveal to you that there are so many TV shows out there that are perfectly suited for your interests, hobbies, and even character preferences? Wouldn't it be great if you could find a way to watch everything you've always wanted to see, but didn't have the time to catch up on? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Here are 10 amazing TV shows you wish you knew earlier.

10. The Handmaid's Tale

If you're a fan of historical TV shows and wish there were more of them, then The Handmaid's Tale is the show for you. Starring Elisabeth Moss as Offred and Peter Capaldi as the Lord of Ceremonies, this drama is set in the near future, where women are forced into sexual servitude for men. Although the show is based on an actual historical event, it doesn't hold back in the details of what life is like for the handmaids, as they are largely unseen by the public and live in fear of being punished for stepping out of line. While the show does touch on more serious matters, it never really tackles the more sensitive issues head-on. But that's what makes it so special. It's not for the faint-hearted, but those who are brave enough to see it will tell you that it speaks to the truth of the time period it's set in. And that's what makes it worth watching.

9. The Americans

If you're a fan of conspiracy theories and espionage, then you can't miss The Americans. Based on a story by Matt Helmich, the show explores the complexities of living and working in an America that's no longer at ease with itself. Set in the 1980s, it follows a couple named Stan and Janey, along with their two children. While Stan and Janey are FBI agents, their two children, Joe and Elizabeth, are college students who are secretly working for the KGB, the Soviet secret police. As you'd expect, the series deals with sensitive issues such as the Cold War and identity, as well as the family dynamics that can be complicated when there are spies in the house. If you're looking for an action-packed TV show that deals with some heavy subjects, then this is the one for you. While it wouldn't be easy to live in a world where everyone is after you, at least you know that when the biggest bad guy is after you, there's nowhere to hide.

8. Stargazing Suspense

Want to feel like you've gone back in time and are witnessing a classic film noir scene? Well, you can with Stargazing Suspense, a genre-bending historical TV show set in the 1950s. The setting is Los Angeles, where a mysterious stranger named Charlie (Jared Gilmore) befriends a group of film students (including Emma Stone) who are researching the history of Hollywood. As part of their project, the students discover that the famous Hollywood sign actually points to a secret top-secret government communications center, and they decide to investigate it, uncovering a World War II plot that threatens to bring down the entire film industry. Even though the show is centered on the friendship between the film students and the mysterious Charlie, who turns out to be a film producer turned government agent named Bill (Kevin McCarthy), it's actually a pretty great retelling of the classic film noir storyline. It's dark and tense, and if you like your TV shows with a touch of the noire, then you can't miss this one. 

7. The Littlest Romeo

One of the best things about The Littlest Romeo is that it's a whole family vacation for Joy (Jane Greer) and Marty (Sean Patrick Monroe), the couple who star in the series. While Joy and Marty are on a mission from her father, a senior federal agent, to find the true killer of her older sister, Meg (Jami Malik), the show touches on issues such as poverty, race, and family dynamics. It's fairly dark entertaining (at least for the first four seasons), but you won't regret taking a look at this one. 

6. Alphas

If you're seeking smart television shows that will make you think, then look no further. Based on an online gaming phenomenon where smart people compete against other smart people for reputation and status, Alphas follows a group of geniuses, headed by Dr. Juliet Baxter (Helen Moss), who work for the FBI and compete against each other in order to see which one of them is the most intelligent. On the surface, Alphas is a pretty average crime drama, but with a dose of the X-Men, where mutant super-humans fight against the establishment and other super-humans, it becomes clear that the show touches upon a lot of weighty topics. For example, Season 1 deals with the assassination of President Kennedy, and the racial tensions that arise in the aftermath. But, truth be told, the real jewel of the show is its castration scene (which, let's face it, is pretty much required when you are competing for reputation in an anonymous online gaming world), which is both hilarious and frightening. 

5. The Black Listers

Speaking of assassinations, The Black Listers delivers a taste of life during the Civil Rights era of America, following a group of black men who band together to take down a menacing Southern white power structure that stands in the way of their civil rights. In the face of great oppression, these six black men, led by Oscar Grant, must come together to preserve their way of life and liberty, even if it means putting their personal safety at risk. Set in the South during this time period, the show deals with racism and the struggle for equal rights for black people. But it does so from a uniquely African-American perspective, and that makes it an entertaining watch even for non-black viewers. 

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