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Fall Winter Trends 2022 Fashion

Every year, we look forward to changing trends and fashion in the coming new year, and every year, we're disappointed when fashion does not live up to our expectations. In 2022, we are excited to report that the fashion industry has changed, and the waiting game is over. Now, it's up to you to decide how you will dress next year and for the rest of your life.

Here are some of the biggest fashion trends for 2022:

1. Oversized Prints

In 2022, we will see a huge resurgence of quilting and oversized prints in the fashion industry. The demand is clearly there because we have seen numerous brands bring back oversized print dresses and skirts for this coming winter season. As part of their comeback, many brands, such as JOVANI and Maksimova, have brought back their popular ice cream prints for their dresses.

The fashion industry has also seen a resurgence of floral prints and quilting prints this year, which you will see reflected in your local shopping mall. For women looking to make a statement, there are a variety of oversized print dresses available, so you can be confident that you will look amazing.

2. Varsity Jackets Are Back

Whether you believe it or not, the varsity jacket hasn't left the fashion scene entirely. Thanks to popular culture and the entertainment industry, we have seen a resurgence of this iconic fashion item. From Riverdale to Harry Potter, young people are embracing their inner-Varsity-jacket-worshiper.

This year, we will see a lot of people wearing them. From Hollywood celebrities to fashion icons, the fashion industry has spoken and they want to dress according to the famous Varsity jacket movie scene. From JOVANI and Maksimova, to Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, many fashion houses have brought back their popular Varsity jacket for the coming winter season.

3. Bohemian Chic

Last year, we saw a lot of people dressing in a more eclectic and eclectic way. Whether you call it ‘vintage chic', ‘70s fashion', or ‘bohemian chic', people are inspired by the ‘70s in a way they haven't been in a while. While some people have opted to go all out by dressing in vintage clothing, others have chosen to wear modern pieces with a vintage feel, like MaxMara's leather jacket.

According to popular culture, people are inspired by the unique fashion choices of the ‘70s. From the way people wore their hair in bands in the ‘70s, to the color palettes used for styling, we have seen a lot of ‘70s fashion references across social media platforms this year.

4. Luxury Masks

In 2022, we will see more people opting for luxurious masks instead of traditional Halloween masks. Thanks to the pandemic and the way people want to preserve social distancing, masks have taken the place of colorful costumes. So while we're excited about the many costumes available this year, we're also excited about the masks.

We have seen an incredible rise in the popularity of luxurious masks in the last few months. From the simple masquerade masks imported from China to be sold under the Georges Bonnaud brand at Nordstrom to the more extravagant ones sold under the Louis Vuitton brand at Harvey Norman, people are opting for the luxury versions.

Luxurious masks offer a clean, modern alternative to going all out with a traditional Halloween costume. Since masks can be worn everyday and for various occasions, it's the perfect trendy apparel item for the coming winter season.

5. Animal Prints

While people have been obsessed with unicorn prints this year, in 2022 we will see people giving a lot more attention to animal print dresses and skirts. These have always been popular, but in the last year, the fashion industry has recognized their impact and has brought them back with a bang.

According to a report by WGSN, consumers in the U.S. spent about $146 billion on animal print accessories and apparel in 2021. This is compared to the $137 billion spent on fruit-themed accessories and apparel during the height of the pandemic in March and April of this year. So as the economy began to slowly rebuild, people wanted to continue dressing according to their favorite animals and creatures.

6. Glitter And Diamonds

This year is all about glitter and diamonds. Or, rather, the way people are choosing to wear them. Thanks to the pandemic and the way people wanted to preserve their social distancing, we are seeing an incredible rise in the popularity of glitter and diamonds. From giant diamond earrings and necklaces to tables set with glittering jewelry, people are choosing to wear their diamonds and glitter as a testament to their fabulousness.

According to a report by LuxuryDaily, the demand for diamonds and other gemstones is expected to double in the next five years. This is largely due to the fact that many people are choosing to wear glitter and diamonds as a sign of solidarity during the pandemic. So if you're looking for a breathtaking piece of jewelry, you can bet that there will be a lot to choose from in the coming winter season.

7. Floral Prints

As we have mentioned numerous times, the fashion industry has seen a huge resurgence of floral prints this year. From dresses and skirts with daisies and roses to printed leggings and pants, people have chosen to wear their love for flora on their sleeves. Floral prints are mostly seen as a summer item, but we have seen people wear them during the winter as well, even though temperatures have rarely risen above freezing. This can be attributed to people wanting to stay warm.

While many fashion houses, like JOVANI and Maksimova, have chosen to bring back their popular floral prints for the coming winter season, others, like Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren, have opted for a subtler approach. In line with the current trend, Louis Vuitton has designed a new interpretation of a flower bouquet in their atelier in Paris. Inside the flower structure is a representation of the brand's signature monogram.

8. White As The Nearest Available Color

Although white is not a new color for the winter season, it has never been considered the ‘in' color for the coming winter. Thanks to the pandemic, people are choosing to dress in white as a mark of purity and a statement of intent to preserve their health.

This year, we will see people opt for white as their near-ubiquitous color for the winter. Whether it is their wedding dress or their holiday attire, many people will choose to wear white to signify purity and faith. The color is also popular because it keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. So if you're looking for a color that's relatively simple to wear, yet makes a remarkable statement, then white is your best option.

9. Oversized Floral Prints

As we have mentioned, floral prints have always been popular in the winter, but in 2022, the fashion industry has taken the prints to a whole new level. Thanks to the pandemic and the way people are seeking to preserve their health and wellness, the demand for oversized floral prints is expected to rise significantly in the coming winter. From oversized daisies and roses to brightly-colored abstract prints, people are going all out on the floral front. This is largely because people want to embrace the springtime and all its floral wonders, regardless of the weather outside.

If you're looking for a way to express yourself through your clothing, then why not choose one of the most popular and elegant outfits of the year? You can be confident that you will look amazing and continue to inspire others.

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